The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Chicago (part of the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division) has several district and offices (listed below) within the Great Lakes region responsible for implementing projects and programs on the ground.
Buffalo District | Chicago District | Detroit District

Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
This is the principal Research, Testing, and Development facility of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Great Lakes National Program Office
The Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) coordinates U.S. efforts with Canada under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, which includes Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. GLNPO brings together federal, state, tribal, local, and industry partners under the strategic framework of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) to accomplish the objectives of GLRI action plan which in turn fulfills the aims of the GLWQA.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-Modeling Webinars: EPA formed the Water Quality Modeling Workgroup in 2013 to facilitate collaboration among EPA and state employees who are using water quality models for Clean Water Act regulatory purposes, primarily in the TMDL and Water Quality Standards Programs.  The workgroup steering committee hosts a series of two-hour webinars to help water quality professionals better understand modeling and how models can be used to solve the problems facing water quality regulators.

U.S. Geological Survey – Michigan Water Science Center
The U.S. Geological Survey Michigan Water Science Center’s mission is to collect, analyze and disseminate the impartial hydrologic data and information needed to wisely manage water resources for the people of the United States and the State of Michigan.

U.S. Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the primary federal agency that works with private landowners to help them conserve, maintain and improve their natural resources. The Agency emphasizes voluntary, science-based conservation; technical assistance; partnerships; incentive-based programs; and cooperative problem solving at the community level.

Great Lakes Sediment & Nutrient Reduction Program
The Great Lakes Sediment and Nutrient Reduction Program is a federal/state partnership that has supported well over 479 demonstration, educational, restoration and technical assistance projects throughout the Great Lakes region in the past years. In taking action to keep sediment and nutrients on the land, the Sediment/Nutrient Reduction Program protects our water quality, our drinking water and our Great Lakes.